How to Help

Become a Sponsor!
The best way for you to become involved in Aggie Women Build is through monetary donations. Throughout Aggieland there is no shortage in volunteers to help us build our house, but the initial funding is always the toughest obstacle.

We are seeking donors to help us reach our monetary goal of $40,000 in order to sponsor an Aggie Women Build house. We are asking members of the Aggie family for $1,000 donations (although all amounts are appreciated). There are several options for becoming a donor.

Suggested Sponsorship Levels:
  • Individual Sponsor - $1,000
  • Pair Partnership - $500 per person
  • Group Sponsorship - $1,000 total

Donate Now Online!
For a quick, safe, sure, and easy way to donate any amount now, go to and navigate to the "Donate Now" page. Then select "Aggie Women Build" under the "Program Designation" drop down menu. The money will go straight to our account!

Donate a Meal!
As leaders of Aggie Women Build, it is our pleasure to always have a lunch provided for our Saturday volunteers out of gratitude for their time and hard work. These meals are donated from within the B/CS area and Aggie organizations. We are always in need of these donors and appreciate their great generosity.

Spread the word!
Be an advocate for Aggie Women Build and Habitat for Humanity. Tell your friends and family about our cause and what we are trying to accomplish, because as Aggie Women we can make a difference!

Buy an AWB T-Shirt!
Contact a member of AWB and order one today!
Aggie Women Build T-Shirt