Habitat Builds

In the Fall we built houses in both Bryan/College Station with help from the affiliate and also in Brenham. We look forward to starting our Spring house next semester. Directions to our BCS house are here. Anyone who wants to can build for Aggie Habitat. If you're in our student organization come to the meetings where we have signups for all of our activities. If you're in another organization you can contact our Volunteer coordinator, Harrison Smith. They can help you get in touch with the affiliate or direct you otherwise.

Build Etiquette

In order to ensure that all members of Aggie Habiat are able to build and get to put in their hard earned hours we ask that everyone follow a few guidelines in signing up for builds and attending builds.
  • Only sign up if you are sure you can build. If you are unsure of whether you can build but want to build for a specific weekend then either wait till the major crowd has signed up and then see if there are any empty spots left to build or contact Harrison Smith about wanting to build.

  • Make sure you come to the builds you sign up for. Many people would like to build but do not get the chance to because the sign up sheets are full and then not everyone shows up.

  • If you can not make a build let us know. This way if there are empty spots we can fill them by contacting the listserv with available spots. We let the affiliate know how many people we plan on bringing to the builds based on the sign up sheets and if we don't fulfill that then that
    looks bad on us.

  • If you worked one of the immediately previous weekends let others have a chance to sign up. We know many of you like to help out and build with habitat very often but if you built recently hang back for a bit and let others sign up and then fill the empty spots as needed.