Information Packet

Shack-A-Thon 2014 is coming soon! Please begin filling out the Pre-Contract below and have it turned in to Aggie Habitat's mail slot by Friday, February 28th.


Refer to the guidelines in this contract/design/safety packet for any questions you may have about Shack-a-Thon.

Please contact Chris Leidlein or Deborah Madera if you have any further questions.


You must sign a pre-contract before you can place a bid. The pre-contracts deadline is Friday, Feb 28, 2014. We STRONGLY encourage you to get your form in by this deadline so you can participate in practice-bidding!
The Pre-Contract also includes the following sections...


If you are one of the organizations who wins the auction, you need to sign the Organization Contract. This contract is located in the Pre-Contract packet. If you need a new copy of the Organization Contract, just email Chris or Deborah.

Design, Construction, and Safety Guidelines

Each organization must submit the design for their shack on or before Friday, April 4th, 2014. The design must meet the requirements outlined in said Guidelines.

Waiver of Liability

Anyone who participates in building, tear-down, or spends the night in a shack will have to sign a waiver of liability. All Shack-A-Thon participants must also have an armband to enter the Shack area. To get an armband please make sure to fill out our liability form. Download it and bring it already filled out so you can get your armband faster! Note, if you choose to edit this form in your web-browser, Firefox will not allow you to do that.